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Which path will follow the m-Health?

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Which path will follow the m-Health?

The progress of new technologies has increased the usage of words such as m-Health or eHealth, which has become necessary and frequent. he presence of smartphones, tablets and the appearance of the 4G, has burst wildly in all fields, including health.

Smartphones y 4G

Smartphones in Health

The digitalization of the area is forcing –and helping- health professionals to update constantly in order to achieve those upgrades that cannot be reached with traditional methods.

What’s the future?

What can we really expect? Or rather, what does the m-Health should aspire for? In the developed world, the main issues that claim the implementation of the mHealth are those related with the limitations of the medical aid, the high costs inherent to those services and the appearance of new diseases. Therefore, the main goals are the improvements of the caring process and the access to the medical aid.

Acceso Mundial a Smartphones

Access to smartphones

In a short period of time, the smartphones market has increased exponentially. For example, those countries less technologically developed such as India, that has a population of 1,21 billion of people, the amount of smartphones subscription has grown from 652 million in 2010 to 858 MILLION in 2011! In Africa, from 280 million users has increased into 600 MILLION in 2012.

Now then, the impact of smartphones it’s of a huge importance at a global level to be ignored by the health sector. Those devices are technological tools accessible with a variety of opportunities. The World Bank points that the effort should be focused on the improvement of the channels and the control of the chronic illnesses such as VIH, malaria, tuberculosis, heart diseases and diabetes. Also, the heavy weight of mortality and health expenditures.

How does our health system will change?

Vital Wave Consulting stipulates that in the following 15 years the health approach will stop focusing on the treatment of diseases and will gather all the efforts to the prevention of these and to deal with all the problems rose from aging.

Medicina Preventiva en Egipto

Preventive medicine in Egipt

It would be ideal to reach the sanitary assistance of the Ancient Egypt, in which doctors get paid just by keeping their neighbours healthy, always giving priority to the prevention and absence of diseases in society.

The apps related to health, will become relevant in fields such as the health promotion, the education, the diagnosis, the treatment and over all, in the collection of data and the monitoring.

The new challenge for the technology is the awareness of the patients regarding their problems, or even better, encourage their involvement in the prevention and treatment of illnesses. Furthermore, supporting the patient-doctor relationship and favouring the monitoring will contribute not just in the improvement of the medical aid, also, it will help to achieve an appreciable reduction on the health expenditures.

App médico paciente

Doctor-Patient Contact

You can find many possibilities, but you must always bear in mind that the patient should be the main focus and the beneficiary of all. For every sanitarian, it’s time to take an active part leading this change, at the same time they bring scientific evidences.


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