The Three problems in Trauma Rehabilitation of Hand, Wrist and Fingers

High frequency

Did you know that affectation of wrist, hand and fingers is one of the most frequent and that generates the most expenses for society?

According to EuroStats, annually in the European Union there are more than 900,000 work accidents affecting the wrist, hand and fingers, being the segment most affected.

High Cost

Did you know that these injuries usually produce long periods of temporary incapacity and numerous difficulties in daily life?

According to the latest revisions, the involvement of wrist, hand and fingers is one of the most costly, ahead of knee and hip fractures.

Updatable methods

And most importantly, did you know that home treatment is based on a paper exercise protocol?

According to the latest scientific reviews, the methods currently used are obsolete as they do not include monitoring or the approach to the sensorimotor sphere.

Shall we change it?


Recover sooner!

Recover better!

Do you want a simple tool already used by hundreds of patients that allows you to recover sooner and better?

  • Register and create your account
  • Adapt each exercise to your injury and your recovery moment
  • Perform guided and controlled exercises by touching the Tablet device
  • Observe your progress in your program
  • Fill in validated questionnaires to objectify your evolution
  • Allow your healthcare professional to monitor your performance

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Monitor your patient

Trauma lesión


As a patient you will be able to work with a home program adapted to your needs and know your progress.


Médico Doctor


As a healthcare professional you can monitor the evolution and adherence of your patient through weekly reports in your email


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Do you want to use ReHand with your patients?

ReHand can be implemented in these services:


Wrist, hand and fingers trauma pathologies and injuries

Distal radius fractures, scaphoid fractures, 5th metacarpal fractures…

Hand Surgery

Early adapted work after surgery performed in home

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgically intervened, Rizarthrosis intervened, Radio Fracture intervened…


Home-based rehabilitation of wrist, hand and finger pathologies

Monitored therapeutic exercise programmes for home-based rehabilitation


Home-based support work for physiotherapy treatment

Therapeutic exercise program at home and/or in consultation configurable by the physiotherapist

Occupational Therapy

Therapeutic exercise focused on the recovery of functionality

Work of the hand functionality carried out both in consultation and at home


Impairment of various motor aspects due to neurological cause

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Multicenter clinical trial with a target sample of more than 600 patients

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