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Health and Internet, precarious relationships.

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Health and Internet, precarious relationships.

Smartphone development has revolutionized the last decade. Undoubtedly, the appearance of devices with a high degree of development to boost new communication choices – not only among people but also our environment – has contributed to create a world with many options. We have changed our habits because of smartphones and now it is necessary to constantly check and use them.

At first, we used smartphones solely as communication devices to send texts and make calls. However, nowadays these original uses have changed. We use these devices for almost everything, even for health. According to the “Internet y Salud 2014” report developed by Doctoralia and published on the 20th of January, 2015, 1 out of 4 internet users performs a daily search in order to obtain information related to eHealth. In the case of Spain, 1 out of every 3 Spaniards uses at least one mobile app related to health. This is the beginning of a growing tendency that doesn’t stop.

If we focus on just the health apps, we can discover a market with more than 100.000 apps that has only been developed recently. Amazing, isn’t it?

But, who develops those apps? Health experts? Unfortunately, this is not the case and scepticism has arisen regarding this lack of expertise. Facing this new reality in which we find large amounts of information about sensitive health issues, it is essential and necessary to develop a way to distinguish between what is reliable and useful and what is not. For this reason, the Healthinn team wants to overcome this problem through the development of the app Rehand, our app for hand rehabilitation.

App Ipad y Tablet

App Ipad and Tablet

When we started, our main desire was to differentiate ourselves from other apps and tools in that sector. Therefore, we decided to create a team composed of health professionals that are capable, qualified and related to this medical field.

Thanks to this desire, doctors and hand physiotherapists experts have guided the product development of Rehand. It has incorporated the advice, experience and appraisal of great professionals in the sector. We obtained the “Distintivo AppSaludable” granted by the Health Council which allows for the recognition of apps with a high level of quality, reliability and security for the public.

Distintivo App salud

Distintivo App salud

In conclusion, our advice is that if you seek information or want to download any app related to health, you must be aware of the great amount of unregulated information that exists. Try to reach the information that it is reliable and useful. Every time something hurts, we search the internet to find the best way to recover from fractures and sprains, believing that we can obtain the same knowledge that doctors have about something like metacarpus or the meniscus.

Our suggestion is to contrast all the information you find, especially in those cases that appear specific to the exercises related to a particular injury. Information means power but only if you know how to use it!

Jesús Blanquero Villar
Fisioterapeuta y Máster en Nuevas Tendencias en Salud
January 30th, 2017|

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