Javier Urresti’s experience from Seville

Javier Urresti is a Physiotherapist graduated at the University of Seville, Master in Health and Sport at the University of Cadiz and osteopath at the School of Osteopathy in Madrid. He is currently working as a physiotherapist at Clínica Metropol Salud and as a teacher of EPI. Metropol Salud is a leading clinic in the use of new technologies and the implementation of the most advanced techniques in the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Given the wide professional curriculum at clinical and teaching level, we decided to conduct a brief interview with him to learn about his experience in the process of digital transformation of his therapeutic offer for his patients. You can read it below:

How did you work before ReHand to perform your rehabilitation and physio work?

“We have always worked on the basis of clinical reasoning and therapeutic exercise. We also carried out an ultrasound, mobility and strength assessment of the patient’s injured area. Also with EPI in the appropriate sessions and with elastic bands and strength and stability exercises, also with motor imagery with the Mirror Box.

But it is true that we were missing something, which was working on the sensorimotor component.

In that sense, I think ReHand complements very well that sensorimotor component of the hand that has been scientifically proven to help a lot in the recovery from injuries“.

Javier Urresti, Physiotherapist in Metropol Salud.

What value has ReHand brought to your clinical practice?

“It has given us great added value because with ReHand we are now working on certain parts of the recovery that we could not reach before.”

How important do you think it is to monitor adherence to treatment to ensure optimal rehabilitation?

“My personal opinion is that measuring adherence is useful for scientific studies and to reassure us that what we are doing is useful for the patient.”

Why would you recommend us to others?

“I think that all physiotherapists who are going to treat patients with complaints and injuries in hands, fingers, wrists have in ReHand a very useful tool that is also available to many users because there are increasingly more people with tablets and in terms of cost-effectiveness there is a very positive balance. Of course, I would recommend it.”

Javier is another example of a leading physiotherapist who has brought extra quality to the wrist-hand-finger segment approaches with ReHand.