Hand, wrist and fingers rehabilitation via Tablet

ReHand is not just an app, it is a method to prescribe, treat and monitor your patients. See who uses ReHand below.

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    “ReHand has allowed me to follow more closely the evolution of my patients and to quantify their adherence to rehabilitation, as they often perceive that they work at home but the effort they make is not enough to have a good recovery. It has also allowed me to guide my patients’ rehabilitation according to postoperative or conservative treatment needs and biological timing.”

    Claudia Arroyo Berezowsky
    Orthopaedist and hand surgeon at Centro Medico ABC, Mexico City

    “ReHand has provided me a way to complement the treatment sessions with a follow-up of the patient’s progression even with no need for the patient to come to the clinic.”

    Belén Sancho
    Physiotherapist and Hand Therapist in HandBilbao

    “ReHand is my day-to-day tool and of all my patients with hand, wrist and/or finger pathologies. We doctors always say that without rehabilitation, there can be no improvement, and ReHand greatly facilitates that part which, on many occasions, is the most difficult for our patients, rehabilitation. We are very happy with the results we are getting since we implemented ReHand in our trauma centre”.

    María isabel Holgado
    Surgeon Member of Advansur's Upper Limb Unit. Specialist in Sports Surgery

    “In our centre we have started to work with REHAND, an application that offers us a very important variety of exercises through the tablet, created specifically for each pathology and its moment of recovery, and which also provides us with the possibility of following an individualised, progressive and daily treatment from home.”

    Yara Carretón
    Occupational therapist specialised in hand therapy. Hand and upper limb unit in Burgos


    ReHand has been developed and clinically validated in collaboration with leading academic and healthcare entities.

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    Feedback-guided exercises performed on a tablet touchscreen improve return to work, function, strength and healthcare usage more than an exercise program prescribed on paper for

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    Exercises using a touchscreen tablet application improved functional ability more than an exercise program prescribed on paper in people after surgical carpal tunnel release: a

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    A-1024 What happens after carpal tunnel release surgery? Evaluation of a digital sensorimotor exercise program after carpal tunnel release.

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