Occupational Therapy and ReHand according to Yara Carretón

Yara Carretón is an Occupational Therapist specialising in Hand Therapy from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, and with training in Motor Imagery and MAPS therapy in the upper limb. She is currently working as an OT at the Hand and Upper Limb Unit Burgos, in the city of Burgos, Spain, where she carries out multidisciplinary work with traumatologists and plastic surgeons.

Her work covers patients with any type of upper limb affectation, using the therapeutic arsenal available in her discipline such as Therapeutic Exercise, Education or Splinting. In addition, she has experience in working with all types of patients, from trauma to neurological hand disorders, making her a unique professional.

However, this set of techniques has been increased in recent months thanks to the inclusion of the digital platform ReHand, bringing an extra quality to his interventions. That is what she tells us:

“In our centre we started working with REHAND, an application that offers us a very important variety of exercises through the tablet, created specifically for each pathology and its moment of recovery, and which also provides us with the possibility of following an individualised, progressive and daily treatment from home.

As you know, the treatment of the hand after suffering any type of injury is fundamentally based on carrying out the exercises proposed in a routine and repetitive manner, with a frequency determined by the professional.

“Proprioceptive work is the key to the patient’s recovery, and this is precisely what ReHand offers us”

In addition, proprioceptive work is key to the patient’s recovery. Well, this is precisely what ReHand offers us, the possibility of achieving all of this in a guided way and as a complement to the face-to-face intervention, always supervised and planned by the therapist on hand”.

“We are happy to expand our treatment offerings every day to make our interventions more complete and improve the results as much as possible.”

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