How Dr Claudia Arroyo has taken her clinical practice to the next level with ReHand

ReHand has already revolutionised the work of many colleagues around the world, thanks to its advantages in Prescribing, Treating and Monitoring patients with Hand, Wrist and Finger pathology.

The experience of Claudia Arroyo Berezoswky

Claudia is one of the leading professionals specialising in Hand and Orthopaedic Surgery in Mexico City, currently practising at her “ABC” Centre in Mexico City. She also teaches at the Panamericana University.

Our colleague tells us how she had always had problems finding therapists specialised in hand rehabilitation “…in general there are not many upper limb specialists in Mexico and I often found that they did not give what I needed, which was to get the patient to move and work on the control of the hand”.

ReHand has given her the possibility to know with certainty the adherence of the patients to the exercise programmes, thanks to the performance of the exercises on a tablet touch screen. As we already know, adherence to treatment is key to obtain good results in rehabilitation.

“ReHand has allowed me to monitor more closely the evolution of my patients and to quantify their adherence to rehabilitation. Many times they perceive that they work at home but the work they do is not enough to have a good recovery.”

She also expresses her previous bad experiences in this regard, as her patients did not perform the exercises she prescribed, and the lack of empirical knowledge that they were actually doing them. According to her, the feedback capability that ReHand allows …is one of the most important and one of the main attractions for me when talking about ReHand“. Not just for the therapist but for the patient themselves “…I think it’s helpful for the patient to have that feedback on adherence.

The ReHand tool´s feature to prescribe individualised exercise programmes and its Previous-Exercise Calibration system has added a great deal of value to her clinical practice. According to the doctor: “It has also allowed me to guide my patients’ rehabilitation according to post-operative or conservative treatment needs and biological moments“.

A very interesting point Claudia makes is that, for her, ReHand is a great complement in the clinical practice of Hand Therapists, whether they are experts in this field or not. “From my point of view, ReHand does not replace the work with a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist. But it does complement it and allows the patient to have a specialised treatment aimed at their pathology, even if their Therapist is not an expert in the upper limb.

Finally, she concludes by emphasising how the Covid pandemic has made us move towards Telemedicine and Telerehabilitation, achieving great results in the recovery process “I think with the pandemic we realized the need to evolve in telemedicine issues. Patients can have more attachment to their rehabilitation without spending so much on face-to-face sessions…and without having to move”.

The doctor has already written a blog post explaining the basics of the sensorimotor system of the hand, the experience with ReHand and its scientific basis:

“…I think it is an excellent tool, developed by professionals and based on evidence”.