Exercises for Thumb Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Exercises for your Thumb Arthritis and Pain

One of the main treatment for thumb Osteoarthritis is to exercise thenar muscles. That could releive your Pain and Stiffness in your finger. Watch the video below:

How to perform my Thumb Exercises?

Tecla del número uno First Thumb Exercise:

Tachuela redondaFirst you need a Firm ball for maintain palmar arch 🖐️ with your Metacarpal joint in Flexion and Carpal-metecarpal joint in Abduction👌

Tachuela redonda Squeeze the ball with less emphasis on fingertip pressure ⚠️

Tachuela redonda Ball allows an efficient thenar and extrinsic muscles contraction

Thumb Arthritis Exercise

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Tecla del número dos Second Thumb Exercise

Tachuela redondaSame position but  2º and 3º fingers relaxed (“Bunny Ears”)Mano de victoria

Tachuela redondaAsk for isometric contraction squeezing the ball

Tachuela redondaIMPORTANT: thumb rotation /Pronation is noticed Flecha hacia la derecha indicates Oponent Pollicis is working Flecha hacia la derecha reduces thumb Subluxation Signo grueso blanco de verificación
Arthritis Exercise Thumb

Tecla del número tres Third Thumb Exercise:

Tachuela redondaSpecific First Dorsal Interosseous (FDI) exercise for improving Dorso de la mano con el dedo índice señalando hacia la derecha First Metacarpal base position

Tachuela redondaWith the same ball, adding and elastic band around the fingersMano alzada con los dedos abiertos not including thumb

Tachuela redondaIndex finger Metacarp joint is Extended Signo grueso de sumaAbducted

Ojos Observe FDI contraction

Thumb Osteoarthritis Exercise

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Thumb Arthritis Exercise with ReHand


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DeMott, L. (2017). Novel isometric exercises for the dynamic stability programs for thumb carpal metacarpal joint instability. Journal of Hand Therapy, 30(3), 372-375. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jht.2016.09.005

Pablo Rodríguez Sánchez-Laulhé

Physiotherapist and Health Researcher