New insights in treatment of Thumb Arthritis according to Last Evidence

Treatment of Thumb Osteoarthritis and Pain

Hand function can be affected when Osteoarthritis in Carpal-Metacarpal joint (CMC) of the thumb appears. Current evidence support Therapeutic Exercise for managing Thumb Pain as the main treatment. In the National Congress of Hand Therapists of April 2017 that took place in Marbella (Spain), Kristin Valdes (an important Occupational Therapist and researcher) talked about tratment in detail.

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Thumb Arthritis Factors

Based on some articles from 2013 to 2016, she highlighted three main factors for thumb Osteoarthritis appearance:

1. Compressive forces on the Joint between First Metacarpal and Carpal, known as Trapezoid-Metacarpal Joint.

2. Ligamentary instability caused by hiperlaxity of some important ligaments. Volar Ligaments are the most affected, caused by lack of nerve endings unlike ligaments on the dorsal side.

3. Alterations in Proprioceptive or SensoriMotor System, which may contribute to osteoarthritis.

Active Treatment of the Thumb improving Stability

According to those factors, Osteoarthritis treatment must include some neuromuscular training techniques for restoring Dynamic Instability in this Joint.

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An active management with SensoriMotor Techniques focused on thumb muscles must be the main treatment of this thumb pathology. Also a specific muscle evaluation should be performed. Amongst those thumb muscles, it may highlights:

First Dorsal Interosseous

Abductor Pollicis Longus.

Extensor Pollicis Brevis.

Thumb muscles

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Applications and Apps for Thumb Treatment

Social media and Newspaper constantly talk about how bad is using smartphones and tablets for your hands and fingers. But that does not have any evidence supporting that fact.

In fact, according to an article from 2014 (Valdes K & Algar L, 2014) a good way of managing thumb Osteoarthritis or Distal Radius Fracture are smartphone apps during patient´s recovery. Those tools includes some “games” or movement on the screen that could promote pain release, deformity improvement, muscle endurance and strength and active Range of Movement.

Also, those tools are a good way to work Sensori-Motor System when is affected.

Smartphones in Thumb Osteoarthritis treatment


Those kind of apps that Valdes K proposed has some limitations, like not able of adapting to patients evolution and pathology. That´s why ReHand App appeared, for solving those problems on a Tablet. ReHand is a combination of New Technologies and latest evidence on Hand Therapy.

ReHand app is able to adapt  exercises to each patient and pathology, promoting SensoriMotor system and accelerating recovery.

ReHand Exercise in a thumb disfunction

Here we show an example of a ReHand App exercise focused on Dynamic Stability of thumb, promoting muscle activation with a visual feedback on the screen. Each exercise is adapted to his Range of Motion without pain.

Thumb Arthritis Exercise with ReHand

Also, his health proffesional can monitor how patients do exercises thanks to the Tablet´s touch-screen.


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Pablo Rodríguez Sánchez-Laulhé

Physiotherapist and Health Researcher